About Radiesse

As we age, our body produces less collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives the skin its elasticity, volume, and strength. As it produces less collagen, we lose the ability to retain moisture, and elastin production decreases. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles begin to form and skin begins to sag. Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic skin treatment used to fill specific areas in the lower portion of the face and in the hands; it stimulates the body’s natural collagen which then fills in wrinkles.

The advantages of Radiesse include:

The treatments are performed in-office and you can leave as soon as the procedure is complete.

Treatment should usually last no longer than 30 minutes.

Radiesse treatments at Aesthetiq Med Spa are always done by trained, qualified Aesthetic Injectors, including Registered Nurses.

You are able to return to your normal routines immediately

Radiesse is long-lasting, so frequent follow-up filler treatments are not necessary.

Radiesse results are visible immediately after the procedure.

Full results usually appear within a week of treatment.

Radiesse is non-toxic

Radiesse is hypoallergenic

It stimulates collagen production

It is FDA approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified to provide Radiesse?2020-01-04T02:31:25+00:00

It is always important to ensure that your provider is a Certified Aesthetic Injector, like those on our team. Certification lets clients know that their provider and their facilities are held at the utmost level of education, cleanliness, and quality.

At Aesthetiq Med Spa we offer Radiesse and other premium-quality fillers along with a wide array of other cosmetic solutions, all to help you achieve the skin you deserve.

What is the Radiesse procedure like?2019-12-17T22:52:32+00:00

The first step in any of our procedures is your consultation. During your consultation one of our Aesthetic Injectors will inform you of where the injections will be placed, the dosage for the treatment, any risks associated with the procedure, and then prepare you for the treatment. As with most cosmetic filler treatments, a needle is involved and therefore you may experience slight discomfort or pain during the treatment.  Without the aid of anesthetics,  Radiesse feels like any other injection you would receive at a doctor’s office; however, there are usually multiple injections involved;  the face is one of our most sensitive body parts so the doctor may use a numbing cream to prevent the session from being unnecessarily uncomfortable. Our qualified staff utilize the latest in techniques and technology to minimize any discomfort that our patients may feel or worry about feeling.

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